Fourth day

Topic: Provision of urgent assistance in the practice of the family doctor in accordance with clinical guidelines (sudden cardiac death, CPR, acute coronary syndrome, syncope, convulsions, bites, stings, anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, transient ischemic attack, foreign bodies in the respiratory tract)

Self-learning materials


  1. Emergency Algorithm for Acute Coronary Syndrome
  2. Emergency Algorithm for Sudden cardiac death
  3. Emergency Algorithm for convulsions
  4. Emergency Algorithm for anaphylaxis
  5. Emergency Algorithm for stroke

You should write (symptoms, differential diagnosis and treatment (drug name, dosage, route of administration)

Photos (in good quality) of the note should be sent by email no later than 09-00 06.04.2020.

On each page, you must write your last name (surname) and page number

Address for sending of control works:

(completed tasks must be sending to the e-address no later than one day after the date specified for the topic in the calendar plan)

In the subject of the letter, student indicates the faculty, number of group / subgroup / dozen and topic number, name of student in this format:


AAAA - Faculty in Latin letters (I_med, II_med, I_int, II_int)

BBBB - Group / Subgroup / Tenth No.

SSSS - Topic Number

DDDD - Name of student

To receive teacher’s advice in distance mode, the student sends a letter with the obligatory mark “QUESTION” in the subject of the letter.