Final module control "Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine"

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Topic 12: First medical and pre-hospital emergency aid in the clinic of internal diseases

Self-learning materials

  • Lecture (you can find in the lecture section)


To get a positive evaluation on topic 12 of the cycle "Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine":

1. Give answers to the test (MCQ)

2. Photo should be sent by e-mail no later than 9-00 on 02.06.2020.

It will be better if you save all the photos in one file (pdf or docx). Also on the first page you should take a picture of your student card or write on each sheet your last name (surname)

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SSSS - Topic Number

DDDD - Name of student

EEEE - Surname of your teacher (Avramenko, Kramarchuk or Vasylevska)

To receive teacher’s advice in distance mode, the student sends a letter with the obligatory mark “QUESTION” in the subject of the letter.