"Patient Care"

Topic 1. Basic principles of general and special care for patients with therapeutic profile. Organization of work of therapeutic departments of the hospital.

Topic 2. Questioning the patient and his role in assessing the patient's general condition. The role of patient examination in assessing the patient's overall condition. Practicing practical skills.

Topic 3. Body temperature, rules for its measurement and registration. Care for patients with fever. Determination of the main indicators of hemodynamics and respiration.

Self-learning materials


  • For getting a positive grade on topics 1, 2 and 3 of the Patient Care cycle, it is necessary:

Write a handwritten note with answers:

  • how to measure temperature (normal values)
  • how to measure the pulse
  • how to measure respiratory rate
  • how to determine the degree of consciousness of the patient

Photos (in good quality) of the notes should be sent by e-mail

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(completed tasks must be sending to the e-address no later than one day after the date specified for the topic in the calendar plan)

In the subject of the letter, student indicates the faculty, number of group / subgroup / tenth and topic number, name of student, surname of teacher in this format:


AAAA - Faculty in Latin letters (I_med, II_med, I_int, II_int)

BBBB - Group / Subgroup / Tenth No.

SSSS - Topic Number

DDDD - Name of student

EEEE - Surname of teacher (Avramenko, Kramarchuk or Vasylevska)

To receive teacher’s advice in distance mode, the student sends a letter with the obligatory mark “QUESTION” in the subject of the letter.