All classes will be held online as videoclasses in the Zoom program. You will need to connect to the video conferencing link at 09:00. At 09:15, the ability to connect will be blocked.

1st subgroup - teacher Avramenko Iryna


Login: 313 966 7962

Password: 9ew6r8

2nd subgroup - teacher Kramarchuk Volodymyr 


Login: 640 563 5405

Password: 1NuuZh

3rd subgroup - teacher Vasylevskaya Iryna


Login: 719 1212 7170

Password: 5hbCcE

"Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine"

Topic 7: The methods of examination of hematopoiesis organs. Questioning and general examination of patients with blood system pathology. Clinical blood tests. Coagoulogram test.


In order to get a positive evaluation on topic 7 of the cycle"Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine":

It will be better if you save all the photos in one file (pdf or docx). Also on the first page you should take a picture of your student card.

Address for sending of control works:


(completed tasks must be sending to the e-address no later than one day after the date specified for the topic in the calendar plan)

In the subject of the letter, student indicates the faculty, number of group / subgroup / tenth and topic number, name of student, surname of teacher in this format:


AAAA - Faculty in Latin letters (I_med, II_med, I_int, II_int)

BBBB - Group / Subgroup / Tenth No.

SSSS - Topic Number

DDDD - Name of student

EEEE - Surname of your teacher (Avramenko, Kramarchuk or Vasylevska)

To receive teacher’s advice in distance mode, the student sends a letter with the obligatory mark “QUESTION” in the subject of the letter.