Final module control "Patient Care"

To obtain a positive final grade for the "Patient Care" cycle, you must:

1. Take the test (click here) - you will see a window in which you need to either log in with your Google account or enter your mailbox to which the link will come

You can pass the test 1 time (from your personal Google account)

Only 1 correct answer is possible,

You have 18 minutes to answer 26 questions (the time in the test will start as soon as you see the profile and the timer at the top) after the time has passed, the form will close

You have to pass the test before 09:00 04/24/2020

It is forbidden to reload the page, go to another page in the browser, copy the text from the form (we will see your activity in a special application and you will receive a rating - unsatisfactory, which can be retrieved only before the commission of teachers)

We will send your assessment to you in the mailbox that you indicate

At the end of testing clicks "Submit" and your answer will be accepted

2. Provide photos of the notes (1 file pdf or docx), which describes the methodology for performing ALL (!) Practical skills from the list of practical skills (link below). ON EVERY PAGE OF THE NOTES (PHOTO) A SURNAME MUST BE WRITTEN! Until 09:00 p.m. 04.27.2020

List of practical skills (patient care).docx